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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Living History

 Spring breezes blow swiftly through the branches of newly leaved trees as church bells ring out the hour from the centuries old church a few blocks away. History is something that has been on the forefront of our minds this week with anniversary reenactments of the firing on Ft. Sumpter to the release of Robert Redford's movie The Conspirator, an historic account of justice gone awry. The movie is nothing shy of art with historic details as close to perfection as can be found in this technological day and age. Some critics feel the movie is not modern enough with no cussing or sex or special effects, just the harsh realities of injustice and cruelty, a story that unfortunately is timeless.
But there is more to this week than just the opening of a long awaited film. On a warm Saturday morning just a week ago on Sullivans Island  the presentation of the state flag, a replica of the original that flew over Ft. Moultire when the Confederates bombarded Ft. Sumpter 150 years ago, was made to the Colonel of the reenactment battalion. I was one of the fortunate few who sewed on this flag and was present as it was  raised to billow in the Charleston breezes over the fort. To know that your own hands helped create a future piece of history is awe inspiring. An afternoon tea at Moutltrie House with other ladies in period attire completed the day.
At 6:45 am on Tuesday morning, once again dressed in 19th century fashion and feeling a bit like Scarlett, I joined several friends on the beach at Ft. Moutlire sharing mimosas and breakfast as we watched the shots fired from Ft. Johnson, Patriot's Point, and Ft. Moultrie. Another inspiration moment as we relived history like it had been more than century ago. A trip to town in our horseless carriages engaged us in museum exhibits of 1860's clothing, silver, and household treasures regaling the past. The opening night of The Conspirator added yet another layer of history to an already time worn week.
It is a blessing to enjoy the modern conveniences of air conditioning, electricity, and automobiles yet still have the opportunity to join like-minded people as we dress in period attire and revel in the simple pleasures of times gone by.