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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Character Parade-Miss Lonnie

It's been said that life is stranger than fiction.
We come across characters in our day to day encounters that add love, joy, and humor to our lives.
This series of musings is about those very characters.
It is only fitting that the leader of our character parade is Miss Lonnie.
Miss Lonnie is one of those rare jewels in the crown of existence that makes each day extraordinary.
A true southern lady, Miss Lonnie has been a treasure to this small coastal community for more than 30 years.
Her sweet smile and slow southern drawl greet all those she meets.
Don't misunderstand, this is not a southern twang but a slow, melodic drawl.
Miss Lonnie lived many years in a spectaclar antebellum home surrounded by lush gardens bedecked with birdbaths and statuary.
With nearly an acre of land she propogated a cornucopia of flowers and shrubs shaded by ancient oaks. Having lived in town for many years Miss Lonnie doesn't own a car, she walks whereever she needs to go and is a frequent guest at many of the shops. Her visits consist of smiles and laughter as she shares her stories and inquires as to the latest events in the lives of her hosts. Although a petite, delicate creature she has spunk the size of Texas often attending review board meetings to defend a tree in danger of being taken down or reiterating the need to preserve even the most modest of historic structures. She is not afraid to speak her mind and stand firm for what is right.
Of course, over the years her home and gardens began to show signs of age and so did Miss Lonnie. Her ability to maintain such a large abode and elaborate gardens diminished.
Downsizing to a nearby townhome was her only option. Never once did she show signs of sorrow over leaving her home nor did she speak a word of despair, only expressing favored memories and the upcoming  pleasure of living a lower maintenance lifestyle.  Interestingly living in a townhome did not slow Miss Lonnie down. Her daily walks and visits to town continued. But what happens to an avid gardener when the only land available is the parking space out back? Hmmm...the only logical thing to do-make it into a garden! After all she hasn't owned a car in nearly 30 years!
Yup, she created a beautiful above ground garden in the parking space alotted to her townhome. The garden includes sculptured shrubs, flowers, birdbaths, bistro table and chairs, garden bench, and statuary. Miss Lonnie's parking lot garden brings pleasure to all who pass by on the quiet garden path that runs behind the assemblage of townhomes. If you should happen to pass by when Miss Lonnie is outside you will receive a warm greeting and an invite to sit amoungst the fragrant flowers and share a few moments over a glass of tea with the infamous and sweet Miss Lonnie.
Come back soon to meet the next character in the parade:).

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Living History

 Spring breezes blow swiftly through the branches of newly leaved trees as church bells ring out the hour from the centuries old church a few blocks away. History is something that has been on the forefront of our minds this week with anniversary reenactments of the firing on Ft. Sumpter to the release of Robert Redford's movie The Conspirator, an historic account of justice gone awry. The movie is nothing shy of art with historic details as close to perfection as can be found in this technological day and age. Some critics feel the movie is not modern enough with no cussing or sex or special effects, just the harsh realities of injustice and cruelty, a story that unfortunately is timeless.
But there is more to this week than just the opening of a long awaited film. On a warm Saturday morning just a week ago on Sullivans Island  the presentation of the state flag, a replica of the original that flew over Ft. Moultire when the Confederates bombarded Ft. Sumpter 150 years ago, was made to the Colonel of the reenactment battalion. I was one of the fortunate few who sewed on this flag and was present as it was  raised to billow in the Charleston breezes over the fort. To know that your own hands helped create a future piece of history is awe inspiring. An afternoon tea at Moutltrie House with other ladies in period attire completed the day.
At 6:45 am on Tuesday morning, once again dressed in 19th century fashion and feeling a bit like Scarlett, I joined several friends on the beach at Ft. Moutlire sharing mimosas and breakfast as we watched the shots fired from Ft. Johnson, Patriot's Point, and Ft. Moultrie. Another inspiration moment as we relived history like it had been more than century ago. A trip to town in our horseless carriages engaged us in museum exhibits of 1860's clothing, silver, and household treasures regaling the past. The opening night of The Conspirator added yet another layer of history to an already time worn week.
It is a blessing to enjoy the modern conveniences of air conditioning, electricity, and automobiles yet still have the opportunity to join like-minded people as we dress in period attire and revel in the simple pleasures of times gone by.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


(sung to the tune of the Christmas Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la song:)

Tis the season to be sneezing,
Ichy eyes and lots of weezing,
Grab a tissue and some eye drops,
Oh my nose just won't stop running,